Managers – Understanding Your Industry

A criticism that has often put towards managers in the modern age, in every industry, is that they simply don’t understand the product, service or ideas that their company are providing. Unfairly, managers are seen as those who can implement the ideas of the higher powers in corporations, blindly making decisions and taking orders without question or desire for making a real change. However, times are changing. Now, any business worth their salt will recognize the benefits of employing leaders who have sharp comprehension abilities and a drive to fully understand the companies they must lead. One man who knows this as well as any is Halden Zimmerman, current manager of Leica Micro systems.

However, Halden Zimmermann’s professional background is much more diverse than his current prestigious position would suggest. He has transformed marketing operation, pricing strategies and logistics management in industries as diverse as retail food packaging to life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and high-technology. Traditionally managers stick to operating within one or two industries as their experience allows them. So what has made Halden Zimmermann be able to operate so effectively within such a wide-range fields? Most likely, Halden Zimmermann would suggest that it is his technical background which has developed his comprehension skills to the levels at which they now are. Having excelled at university, coming out with two degrees in Engineering from Clarkson University, it was during these undergraduate years that Halden Zimmermann also showed an aptitude for leadership. He led a Solar Race Car Team, developing components and parts for this high-tech and high-demand field.

Having these skills of being able to comprehend complex functions, mechanisms and structures certainly put Halden Zimmermann in good stead for being able to understand the vast array of industries he has been able to apply his leadership excellence. These skills, naturally, were teamed with an corporate sponsored MBA, allowing him to gain a more valuable insight into business and economics.

His online presence has grown vastly in the past few year, as he has been able to publish some of his experience for excelling and making a high impact on the business world. Halden Zimmermann, through his articles and blog posts is able to transpire some of his innovative and influential ideas that have helped change and revolutionize the industries which have been lucky enough to work with him. You can find out more about him here at Video for Halden Zimmermann on Behance.

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