Businesses Recruit Big in Order to Save Money

It is an underlying principle that businesses exist to make money. To this end, it is in a company’s best interest to avoid waste and maximize the use of any and all resources available to the organization. For many businesses, this task is limited based on the size of the company. However, for large corporations, especially international corporations, reducing waste means saving potentially millions of dollars every year. That is why professionals such as Halden Zimmermann, an expert in lean management, are so highly sought-after for their expertise in optimizing production and use of resources.

The professional background of Halden Zimmermann begins with a strong foundation in education. He is a graduate of Clarkson University in New York, where he received two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and one in Engineering Management. After graduating, he joined ITT Automotive, a global tier 1 components manufacturer supplying electronics systems to GM, Toyota, Honda, and BMW along with other big names in the automotive industry. In this position, he streamlined and improved operations and production in order to reduce waste. Because of his success in this position, ITT Automotive enrolled Halden Zimmermann in the Masters of Business Administration at the University of Rochester, Simon School of Business.

Next, he joined the President of ITT Automotive at Alcan Packaging Inc. in the meats and beverage packaging sector. He completed the Alcan Corporate Leadership Development Program and relocated to Paris, France in a Global Marketing position. His aim was to streamline and develop the commercial organization to become more process-oriented in order to improve margins. After returning to the United States, Hal Zimmerman transitioned to the healthcare industry with one of the biggest pharmaceutical business units in marketing and product development, Cardinal Health. In this role, he established a consultative service group that was responsible for revenue growth from $4.9 billion to $8.9 billion in just two short years.

This is exactly why professionals in production and operations are sought after for their ability to streamline processes and save money. More information about Halden Zimmermann can be found online in a number of places. Halden Zimmermann publishes information online on a number of blogging platforms. Look for his articles and reviews on business and beyond. Outside of his professional life, Halden Zimmermann also enjoys science fiction, timepieces, fly-fishing, and collecting rare comics. He is also actively involved in a number of fundraising organizations to raise money for underprivileged children.

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